jewellery retail software

JEWELS®  Jewellery Retail Software specially designed for Jewellery retailers & wholesalers. Jewels® is a complete jewellery accounting software for stock inventory and financial accounts of jewellery business. Like tagging, tag printing with bar code, RFID, sale, purchase, issue, receipt, karigar issue, karigar receipt, making loss, making charges & in stock etc. Jewels® retail software is simple to use and business staff can easily learn it.

Jewels® provide full customization & staff training in Jewellery Retail Software

Features of Jewels® jewellery retail Software

  • Jewellery Shop Automation
  • Manage Multiple Showrooms & Outlets
  • Access Restriction Based On Permission for Each Staff
  • Monitor Real-Time Sales
  • Manage Account & Stock in Same Software
  • Easy Billing Jewellery Retail ERP Software Will Speed Up Billing Process
  • Purchase / New Product Designing
  • Sales & Invoicing (POS)
  • Consignments (Approvals)
  • Outstanding of Metal & Amount
  • Daily Stock Tally Summary
  • Stock Analysis
  • Barcode & RFID
  • Ecommerce Connectivity
  • Advanced MIS

Smoothness in client dealing is the most imperative variables which separates a retailer from other. Jewels® Retail is the main alternative option in type of desktop and in addition online server based application to smoothen business administration of jewellery store with complete solution from manufacturing to the delivery of the products.

Why Jewels® Jewellery retail software is trusted by so many jewelers around the world?

  • Number one Jewellery Retail Software and it is totally customizable, free demo available.
  • Jewels® Retail is in industry from last 10+ years, we know the industry and our solution is suitable for small business and large manufacturing units as well.
  • Jewels® is simple to use, accessed via desktop, complete customization available.
  • The software is self explanatory but if needed, we provide training as well.

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