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Do Not Ignore Image Optimization: Check Out The Reasons!!

Importance of image optimization in seo 2018

E-commerce market is all about product selling and to sell your products to targeted customers, your product should convey the selling features in the best possible way. Users like to have a clear product image with different angles so that they can be fully satisfied with the product before placing the order.

Unfortunately, not many people in e-commerce industry consider e-commerce product image optimization as an essential step in their e-commerce business. People overlook this critical issue due to some unanswered questions.

  • What is the correct dimension of product image?
  • What type of file extension should be used in images?
  • Howe image size can be reduced with affecting image quality?

If you have these questions in your mind, then do not worry, we will try to answer all the questions easily.

We will share some useful tips and tricks to optimize the images for good results.

Some Of The Main Benefits Of image Optimization in Seo 2018 Are:

  • Improve your page load speed
  • Increase user engagement
  • Improve SEO & search engine rankings
  • You should display your best Image upfront

Online users cannot see your products in person; hence the best way to sell your products is to show them the best image of your products.  So starting from you best image should be your first step.

SEO Image optimzation

There Are Mainly Two Types Of Images Which Can Be Used On The Website.  They Are JPEG & PNG

Now we can check the difference of properties of these two types of pictures and then it can be decided that which one you can use on the website.

JPEG Image Optimization

Majority of the websites use this image file extension, and there are various good qualities of jpeg images. They can be compressed without affecting image quality. Their image size also remains on the lower side which is also one of their significant features.

PNG Image Optimization

PNG images are good in quality, and they can be used in the transparent background as well. They perform better in term of image quality post compression.  This format is most preferred and was developed for web images.

SEO Image Optimization

You should use every tip, the trick to get high ranks in the search engine and Image optimization is a vital process to achieve good ranks.

Use proper name which can describe the image.  A proper name like “redflower.jpg is SEO friendly as compare to “DC145678.jpg”. A correct name will help search engine to index image in the relevant database. Apart from image name an appropriate relevant title is also important.

This Image Attributes Help In Getting Ranks In Image Search Results.

Use proper alt tags for every product image. These alt tags are handy and inform the search engines crawlers what image is all about. Alt tags affect your SEO process directly and determine the chances that whether your image will appear in image search result.

  • Tips to optimize image alt tags
  • Use targeted keywords in your alt tag
  • Al tag should be descriptive and easy to understand.
  • Do not use all keywords in alt tags, use some variations as well.
  • Optimizing Your Images for Load Time

Every e-commerce website has lots of images which can make website load speed slow and affect search engine optimization process. Web page loading time is an official ranking factor of Google. A nanosecond time increment in page load speed can put an adverse effect on your ranking.

You should resize your images and make them in required sizes only because larger than required size will just consume more bandwidth and will make the website slow to load.

To know the exact required size of the image, you need to determine the maximum zooming you are going to provide on your website. Once you have the zooming size, just resize the photos accordingly. You can hire a professional web design company for image optimization

Below Are The Two Most Widely Used Images Resizing Methods?

Cropping:  This is merely cutting your images in required size while keeping the focus on the website.

Resizing:  while resizing images, make sure to keep the dimension same as old so that your image quality remains intact.

Image Compression

There are various image compression tools which are available in the market which can be used in compressing images. By using these tools, you can compress images without losing quality. Select any of the devices and start compressing your images. Image optimization in seo 2018 impact your page loading and user interface.

In Conclusion

Now you can understand that image optimization is not a rocket science and one can perform efficiently after getting familiar with the tools and some of the techniques.

You can use above mentioned tips in your already uploaded images and also on the next image you will upload in future.